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 1) Basic Hardware Requirement

IBM Compatible Computer with Pentium Processor

32 MB RAM or more recommended

Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT operating system

Hard drive with at least 100 MB free

Network systems: Windows 95 or 98 connectivity, Windows NT, Netware

Windows compatible printer

CD ROM drive for installation


The amount of RAM (random access m

on how fast the system will recall records and generate reports.  Although a fast processor is important (we recommend a Pentium II class or higher microprocessor on your system), RAM has a clear effect on the management of the amount of records you may use in BUSINESSWARE.  For instance as your database of contacts grows you will notice that the more memory that you have the easier and faster it will be to find large sub sets or lists of related data.  This includes being able to sort and list customers, invoices, quotes and more.

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