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63) Contact Territories Setup


A Contact Territory is a way to separate your contacts by geographic area or sales control area. 

Examples of Contact Territory are East Coast, West Coast, South, and International.

You will notice a list of Territories on the left-hand side of the screen.  When you select a territory, the area or zip codes assigned to that territory will be listed on the right hand side of the screen.  You can divide you territories by state, city or zip.  The system will know what city or state belongs in a territory by zip code.  So internally, the territories are setup by zip code.  You can also select not to have your territories automatically assigned when entering a new contact. 

Use the New territory button to add a territory and the Edit and Delete buttons to edit and delete a territory. 

You must enter a Territory name for each new Territory you set up.  You have the option not to assign a salesperson to the territory as well as assign multiple territories to a salesperson.  Use the Select and Remove button to assign the city, state or zip code to the territory.

The system will warn you if you are deleting a territory that is used in a contact record. 

If you edit a territory, all contacts with that territory will also be changed to the new territory.

You can change the way you assign territories at anytime when setting up your territories. Please remember that there is over 42,000 zip codes so be patient when pulling up the available zip codes when setting up your territories.  If you have a territory setup before you perform the Import Contacts function you can have the import program automatically assign territories and sales reps to the contacts at time of import.

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