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80) Contact Calls

You can review and create Calls for your prospect directly in ADVANTAGE.  In order for the Dial Now process to work you must have a modem installed in your computer with a telephone line attached. The system uses Windows Telephony to process your calls.  It is a good idea to review your Telephony Settings found in the Control Panel.  It is essential that you have the call out settings programmed correctly before being able to use the auto dialer in ADVANTAGE.

If you select the Call tab in the contract screen you can review all Calls made or scheduled to a contact.  You may select to schedule or make a new Call by using the New Call button.  You may select whether a telephone call is Incoming or Outgoing, when you select Yes for “Call Made:” BUSINESSWAREwill automatically store the date and time for the Call.  Use the Comment section to type any important or notable comments about the telephone call for future reference.

Anytime you make, schedule or edit a Call you may also insert a Comment about the Call.  It is a good idea to create a Comment about what was discussed with the contact so information about the call is available for review later.

You can print a list of all telephone Calls that have been made for any particular employee.  Select from the menu bar Reports then Employee Reports then Call Report.  You have the option of choosing one, a few or all employees from the list.  Be sure to specify the Date Range for which you want the Call Report.  Click on Print Preview to have the ability to print the Call Report.

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