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82) Literature Fulfillment

Literature Fulfillment is useful to record any Literature that you may want to send to a Contact.

An example of Literature you may store in the system is a Brochure or a Catalogue.

If you select the Literature button in the contact screen, you can review all the Literature that has been sent or needs to be sent to the contact.  You will also notice the system keeps track of when and how the Literature is sent.  The system also keeps track of Literature that has not been sent yet. 

To select New Literature to send first click on the New Literature button.  You will notice a new screen will appear.  The system allows you at this time to select the Literature you want to send by selecting the items with a click of a mouse.  You should at this time select how and when you want the Literature to be sent.  

The question, which states: Flag this literature as being sent?  Yes or No is an important question.  If you flag the literature as being sent then the literature does not appear on the Literature Request Reports. 

To print a list of all Literature that needs to be sent out, select Reports from the menu bar, then Contact Reports then Literature Request Reports.  After you click the Find Now button located next to the date range, you will see a list of contacts, the type of literature to be sent and how it should be sent.    Select the contacts by clicking the Select All button or you may specifically select only those you want, then select the Request List or Mailing Labels.  The Request List will allow you to print a report for those selected contacts and the Mailing Labels will provide a mailing label for each of the selected contacts. 

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