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100) MS Word Merge

You can also create and use Microsoft Word Templates from the contact screen. From the contact screen, select the Word Merge button found on the top of the contact screen.  The Word Merge button looks like a capitalized W.  The system prompts you to either create or use an existing Word Merge file.  You should always start with creating a New Word Merge document in order that it will be formatted to merge with the file out put that AGENCYWAREwill recognize.  When you want to use a previously used Word Merge file you can use the pull down list to find all those files or browse to search for them.


1)       You can use either Microsoft Word 97 or 2000 to create and use the Word Merge function.  Please note, however, that the two file formats for Word Merge are different and therefore not interchangeable.  So if you create a Word Merge document in Word 97 you can not use it later with Word 2000 and visa versa.

2)       The Word Merge documents use ContactWordMerge.txt file as its data source.  You do not need to manipulate or even know how or why we use that file.  But that file must reside on your computer hard drive under the C:\Agencyware directory.  This file is automatically created every time you use the merge functionality.  So do not delete the Agencyware folder on your hard drive if you want to continue using the Word Merge function.

3)       You can not have MS Word open when you perform or create a Word Merge.  AGENCYWAREwill automatically open Word for you.  Having word open in one or more windows minimized or maximized will cause AGENCYWAREto not know which instance of Word to use to create your merge documents.

4)       When you have created your Word Merge document from AGENCYWAREyou will be able to select the fields from the database.  Use the Insert Merge Field pull-down list found on the word tool bar to select the desired fields.

**NOTE** If you want to use existing word files that you have used prior to installing ADVANTAGE, you should create new templates with AGENCYWAREthen cut and paste your content into the new templates.  It is a good idea to keep and save all your templates in a specific folder so you can remember where you have kept them.  Use long names that have specific meaning so you can easily recall the merge document needed.

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