[ PAGE 10 ] Web Enhanced E-mail  

Online Internet Email is supported in AGENCYWARE giving staff more ways to communicate to each of your customers and prospects.  Broadcast Email, the ability to simultaneously send email to several hundred or more contacts, is a built in option in the email system.  The broadcast email function makes it easy to keep customers and prospects informed about product and service changes and updates as well as can help you develop an electronic newsletter.  Included is the built in email client or you can activate any MAPI compliant email program like Outlook or Exchange directly from AGENCYWARE.

Store an unlimited number of URL and Web addresses for your contacts and automatically launch your web browser from AGENCYWARE. 

Also included in AGENCYWARE is an internal message system that manages in house email without accessing the internet.  So there is no need for email or internet connections in house for exceptional communication with staff members.  Inform employees about news and meetings easily with the messaging system.


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