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Many companies use a contact manager like act or goldmine to keep track of their prospects and clients.  Although these products have their benefits most come short of providing the necessary tools for efficient sales functions. Not just a contact manager, ADVANTAGE Salesware is an effective system for you to get organized with tools to automate your sales functions, close more deals, retain customers, build new relationships and tip the scales for a competitive ADVANTAGE.

Here is a summary of the some of the benefits you will find in ADVANTAGE Salesware

Build Relationships: You can manage both main and sub contacts at a particular company with ADVANTAGE.  You deal with more than one person at one organization most if not all the time.  You may initially deal with purchasing then work with someone in accounting later and you may need to know who the company president is at some time.  ADVANTAGE will organize all the contacts together for easy follow up.

Also built in is lots of user definable fields and screens.  Some systems will allow to enter a few user definable fields here and there but ADVANTAGE gives you 6 whole contact screens besides the primary contact page to set up user defined fields.  Why should you settle for a generic solution when you can maximize your use of ADVANTAGE by customizing it to how you do business.

Also important is that you need an efficient system to recall not just name and phone numbers but documents, literature and phone conversation.  ADVANTAGE keeps all the history in the database and in external links, so you have drill down functionality to review correspondence, conversations, email, price quotes and more.

Team Work: To work efficiently we need the help of others. With ADVANTAGE multi user functionality is just the beginning. Team work is maximized with built in messaging, user groups, group scheduling, and security.  Also the data synchronization feature lets sales peoples laptops update the main database and your people in the field can get their hot leads.   Sales managers will love the feed back, because they will have be able to review sales people functions and forecasts.  With a simple contact manager you do not have any security to manage territories or a way to insure that your client records are not exported to your competition.  ADVANTAGE comes with multi tier security and user groups. 

Automation: ADVANTAGE automates and makes easy functions out of literature fulfillment, follow up calls, task management, price lists, forecasts, sales analysis and quotations.  For instance, a sales rep can click the icon menu button for calls and get an automatic list of all calls scheduled today, and with another click have the computer dial the phone.  Giving more time for sales people to close deals and be with customers will result from automating day to day functions.

Communication:  Internal to ADVANTAGE is an online messaging system for staff to communicate to each other.   Each staff member has an in and out box.  Send messages in batches and inform others about critical meetings or tasks without setting up an intranet server.  You can also direct and create email from ADVANTAGE and broadcast email to several hundred or more customers or prospects from ADVANTAGE.  Mail merge with specific targets are a snap.  You can build selection criteria for mailing labels as well as form letters and broadcast email.  Also you can get an address map of your client with a click of a button so you can find their office when on the road.

Share Knowledge:  One of the most important keys to a successful sales person is product knowledge.  With the ADVANTAGE Electronic Catalog you can store all your products and services you sell with multiple pricing points as well support documents.  You can scan brochures and pictures of items into the system.  In essence you are creating a marketing encyclopedia of information that you can use when dealing with prospects.  With scripts that are tied in with campaigns you can generate step by step processes for your reps to use when following up or trying to close a deal as well.

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