ADVANTAGE Salesware Download

You can download a presentation of ADVANTAGE Salesware or you can download an actually working copy of the software.

This presentation includes over 50 screen shots and is self running.  This NOT a working copy of ADVANTAGE but a comprehensive presentation and tour of the software.  The file is a self extracting zip file called NETDEMO.EXE.  The file is approximately 3 mb and will take about 15 minutes to download.  After you download it, you can unzip the file by simply finding it in your windows explorer and double clicking it.  So it is important to remember where you downloaded it on your computer.  It does shell out to MS Dos during extraction so it is important for you to close the dos session after it has completed unzipping.  The file will unzip into two files, they are: ADVDEMO.EXE and ADVDEMO.DMR.  To run the demo after extracting it, you simply run the ADVDEMO.EXE program.   The download version of ADVANTAGE is a full working copy of ADVANTAGE Salesware and will work without interruption for 30 days.  If you want to continue using ADVANTAGE Salsware after the 30 day trial period you can purchase a software key over the phone to activate your user license.  The advantage.exe file is a self extracting file that will install the software. 

Use the user name of Kevin Lomack with out a pass word to access the software after installation and to use the software during the evaluation  period.

No Mapping Data Is Included With Demo.

Download NETDEMO.EXE now Download Salesware5.exe now

             Feel free to distribute the demostration to anyone who is interested in sales force automation and contact management software.

How to Buy Go ahead and buy ADVANTAGE.

If you have any problems with the demo or downloading the file please feel free to call us at 281-398-3770.

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