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Supports Main Contacts and Sub Contacts

User defined fields and pull down lists
Notes and History File on every Contact
Quotation Builder
Built-in Word Processor
Form Letters
Mail Merge
Supports Email
Creates Fax Cover Sheets
Phone Call Management and Dialer
Handles Literature Request and Fulfillment
Appointment Management
Color Coded Schedules
Broadcast Email
User defined Selection Reports
Search by Name, Organization, Phone, Fax, City, State, Zip, Source, Territory or Email
Electronic Catalog with multiple price levels
Easy to Read Function Buttons
Manages Price and Creates Lists
Employee Management and Security
Easy Import and Export
Mailing Labels
Tasks and Things to Do Management
In House Messaging System
Sales Cycle Tracking by Status
Automatic Note System
Integrated with Microsoft Office 97, Edit Reports with MS Word and MS Excel
Year 2000 Compliant
Large Navigation Buttons
Automatic Territory Assignment

Contact Management

  • Handles main contact and sub contacts
  • Easy find functions for contacts
  • Unlimited notes and history on every contact
  • Stores all documents, calls and email for every contact
  • Schedule follow ups and appointments for contacts
  • User definable contact screens and fields
  • Create address maps for every contact


  • Generate contact lists
  • Mailing labels
  • Form letters To specific contacts or all contacts
  • Print contact information easily
  • Graphical monthly contact reports
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Sales forecasts for specific salespeople or all salespeople
  • Call lists
  • Task lists
  • Active quotes/deals
  • Appointment reports
  • Price lists
  • Sales item reports
  • Literature request lists
  • Literature request mailing labels
  • Documents/Proposals/Follow up letters
  • Employee schedule reports

Task Management

  • View today's tasks
  • View tasks not done
  • View tasks for a specific date range
  • Print task lists


  • Save documents in database (no external links needed)
  • Create templates and form letters
  • Print letters to groups of contacts automatically
  • When printing letters you can choose to print with fax cover sheet
  • 3 built in fax templates

Quotation System

  • Use multiple pricing levels
  • Discounts by percent or dollar amount
  • Customizable Quotations
  • Infinite number of sales tax rates
  • Status and close date on every quote
  • Weighted quotes by closing percent
  • View all active quotes

Internet Email / In house messaging

  • Supports POP3 server email
  • Broadcast Email to contacts
  • In house message without email
  • Send messages to any or all employees

Electronic Catalog

  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited categories of items
  • Find by category, manufacturer or vendor
  • Unlimited documents per item
  • Items are used in quotes
  • Scan brochures and pictures of items in database

Campaign Management

  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Automatic call lists
  • Selection criteria on every campaign
  • Use campaigns for automatic follow ups

Call Management

  • View todays calls
  • View calls not made
  • View calls for a range of dates
  • Print call lists
  • Dial calls automatically
  • Calls automatically update scheduler


  • View appointments by day or week
  • Calls update scheduler automatically
  • Color coded activities
  • Employee schedule reports

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