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Testimonials of ADVANTAGE Salesware Users


"I have tried a number of contact management software titles, including the
popular version sold in most computer stores and some very expensive
programs.  Advantage Salesware has delivered the most comprehensive, flexible
and versatile program I have found. And the people at Aknaf have been readily
available and highly responsive to my questions and support needs. Every day
I am glad I found them."
D. Sauers, NY July 19, 1999

Why I choose Advantage Salesware - March 17, 1999 By Horace White, FL

 When I first started to look at contact management/ sales automation software, I had criteria's that was necessary for me to purchase one.

  1. It must be affordable to the average person running a small business.
  2. It must be user friendly. This means it must be easy to figure out after a few hours of using.
  3. The fields must be customizable and should somewhat be conform to the way you work .
  4. There must be affordable and friendly support from the manufacturer.
  5. Many tasks should be automated which prevents you from reentering data.
  6. The company should always be looking for ways to improve the software.


Only one company met all these requirements I have listed; the makers of Advantage sales software. From the first phone contact I had with them, they provided me with unlimited answers to my questions and spoke to me in a language that a non- computer pro could understand.

Within the past 3 months I have downloaded and tried over 30 contact management / sales automation software. Many promised that theirs were the best investment I could make in my business. But after trying such popular ones, as - Act,Gold- mine, Maximizer, Upshot, Uptrend, Access, etc., I was very disappointed and discourage.

Then one day while surfing the net I, discover Advantage sales software and I am fully satisfied and convinced that this is the best sales automation software I have ever seen. I am using it every day in my business, and it has been very friendly and easy to manipulate the way I work.

To all those software companies out there; if you can create a software that meets these criteria's (especially for non-computer pro like me… the biggest buyers of software), you have done a terrific Job.


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