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ADVANTAGE is a sophisticated yet intuitive sales application that is quick and easy to implement while minimizing long term maintenance requirements and maximizing return on investment.  Interactive sales and marketing solutions that set new standards for flexibility, capability, and maintainability.  

Manage Your Accounts, Contacts & Prospects

With ADVANTAGE you can easily find and access contact and account information, status, quotations, appointments, calls, memos, notes, and history.  You can find your contacts by any field in the database and filter on as much selection criteria as you want.  The user defined status field allows you to track the contact through your sales cycle for easy follow up and analysis.  ADVANTAGE will even warn you when you enter duplicate contacts in the system.

Features like automatic entry of city and state based upon zip code make data entry easy and accurate.  A big navigation bar, pull down lists and easy to read buttons makes ADVANTAGE by far the easiest sales automation system to use and out performs all the contact management systems, while retaining an intuitive user friendly interface.

ADVANTAGE allows you to custom build 5 pages of information about accounts or contacts.  This unique feature gives you more information at your fingertips because each page is embedded in the contact screen.  Giving you ultimate control over data and function is the goal of ADVANTAGE.  No programming knowledge is needed to setup the 5 additional pages.

The automatic note function makes a powerful statement for computerizing your leads and contacts.  Every function done for the contact can automatically create a history note that can easily be used to recall all actions done for the customer or prospect.  For instance anytime you modify a contact a note is created to include who, when, and what was modified.

Unique to our contact management system is an 11 point qualification rating.  Based upon this system you set up your own qualification levels so that you can rate each prospect.  Forget hot or cold, pinpoint your future sales with scientific accuracy.

Quotations and Deals

ADVANTAGE includes powerful features for sales automation. Create custom quotations with up to date multiple pricing structures, discounts, sales tax and comments to streamline the sales process . Track quotes by status and due date until they close.  Save time and money that was spent creating quotes and make time to be in front of customers. You can as well create price lists directly in ADVANTAGE with a click of a button.  Beat your competition to the deal because you were able to supply pricing information quickly to your accounts.  Forecast reports and sales analysis reports will also be created for you automatically. Analysis and review of quotes and pricing is also available at your fingertips. Click here to see a quote screen.  Control each line item of quotes with profit margin, markup and discounts.

Document Management

Business letters, form letters and faxes can all be produced directly in ADVANTAGE. There is no need to hunt in folders or filling cabinets for prior communications. All your documents are stored directly in the ADVANTAGE database. And it is so easy as well, no need to flip in and out of multiple applications or complicated keystrokes to move prospect name and address to your word processor. ADVANTAGE does it all in one solution.  A built in word processor is free of charge with ADVANTAGE with additional integration with Microsoft Word 97 or 2000.

Manage Day to Day Activities

Get rid of your day timer and keep track of scheduled appointments, calls, meetings and other important events in ADVANTAGE. You can view your schedule by the week or the day. Also view the schedules of team members as well.   Look at your fellow sales staffs’ schedules and coordinate your efforts.  Prioritized task lists are available with information at your fingertips.   You can even leave your sticky notes in ADVANTAGE.  With built in call lists no contact or opportunity is over looked. Color coded schedules by activity allow you to quickly glance at your agenda to get the information that you need.  ADVANTAGE gives you the power of organization without the effort. 

Electronic Catalog Built In ADVANTAGE

ADVANTAGE has a built in electronic catalog where you can store all products and services you sell with multiple pricing levels.   Professional, up to date, and uniform price lists can be generated with multiple pricing structures easily and will be used in the quotation system.  All items in the catalog can have an unlimited number of support documents creating a marketing encyclopedia of information for your sales staff.  These documents are stored in the database as well as can include any document or file your windows system supports.  To be competitive you must have the best pricing information available to your sales staff. This online catalog makes your sales people up to date with all the new pricing and costs. Beyond simple opportunity management, ADVANTAGE gives you real tools to make a deal happen

Get an address map of your contact with a click of the button

With the mapping software option you get a CD ROM with all detail and side street maps of the whole USA.  With a click of button get a map of where your client or prospect is and then print it so you can use it on the road.

Literature Fulfillment

Literature requests for contacts are recorded and controlled by ADVANTAGE.  Automate mailing lists for literature and delegate responsibilities within the program.  Never again will you have a prospects request for information get lost.  Include shipping instructions with the literature requests so you can send documents where they need to get to.

Web Enabled - Email

Online Internet Email is supported in ADVANTAGE giving staff more ways to communicate to each of your customers and prospects.  Broadcast Email, the ability to simultaneously send email to several hundred or more contacts, is a built in option in the email system.  The broadcast email function makes it easy to keep customers and prospects informed about product and service changes and updates as well as can help you develop an electronic newsletter.  Included is the built in email client or you can activate any MAPI compliant email program like Outlook or Exchange directly from ADVANTAGE.

Store an unlimited number of URL and Web addresses for your contacts and automatically launch your web browser from ADVANTAGE. 

Also included in ADVANTAGE Salesware is an internal message system that manages in house email without accessing the internet.  So there is no need for email or internet connections in house for exceptional communication with staff members.  Inform employees about news and meetings easily with the messaging system.

Great Marketing Tools

With ADVANTAGE you can create mail merge letters and target specific customers and prospects.  Forget the complicated word processing mail merge, ADVANTAGE Salesware does it all with a click of a button.  The system can as well create mailing labels.   You can easily create telemarketing campaigns with telephone scripts based upon selection criteria of your campaign.  The system will automatically generate call lists for sales people based upon the selection criteria and keep track if the prospect was called or not.  You can either use the built in Word Processor, Word 97 or Word 2000.

Multi-User with Security

ADVANTAGE is a completely multi-user application.  It is designed to support an entire organization.  It has powerful centralized security options that allow you to create a secure system where you can restrict individuals from access to data or specific screens based upon their group user rights. You can as well restrict sales people access to accounts out of their territory.

Data Synchronization

Do you have remote salespeople or offices, do not worry.   ADVANTAGE has the most ingenious data replication and synchronization system too.   It keeps track of all changes and new records at all sites.  With either network or dial up connections your systems will be updated automatically.  That means salespeople will get their hot leads automatically and the home office will be able to monitor the status of deals in the field.

Territory Assignment

With ADVANTAGE you can have the system automatically assign a territory and sales rep to every new customer or contact based upon zip code.  You design your territories by either zip code, city, state or the combination of the three.   Assigning and then getting new leads and accounts to sales reps will never be easier than what ADVANTAGE is set up to do.

Expense Reporting and Management

Enter all salesperson expense reporting directly in ADVANTAGE and print concise expense reports.  With any expense you can allocate it to a contact or account.  ADVANTAGE expense reports keep track of advanced amounts, company and employee contribution and mileage.  In administrative levels mark expense reports as being paid or not with check references.


Knowledge Database

Make sales people look like technical experts with the knowledge database.  Categorize your important  product and technical information in the knowledge database with key word searches for review by salespeople directly from the ADVANTAGE interface.


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