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 29) Order Entry


To complete an Order Entry from a previous Quote, select the Quote button.  You can Find By Customer or Find By Quote Number.   After you choose the quote, you will be asked if it should be flagged as Closed, then the information will be entered into the order screen.

To choose a customer from a list of all customers in the database, select the button with the binoculars or the down arrow to the left of the binocular button.  You may also begin typing the first couple of letters of the customer’s name in the box next to the word Customer until the customer’s name automatically pops up.  If you want to add a customer’s information into the system for the first time, select the button with the plus sign + on it and you will be able to fill in the necessary information.  This button is located to the right of the binoculars.  Be sure to Save before you exit the Customers screen.

To fill in the Company Address where the products must be shipped to you can select the >> button to insert the address that is listed to the left of this button and under Customer.  Or you can click the down arrow key located to the right of the words Ship To.  By clicking on the down arrow key, you will get a list of the addresses which are available for the customer.  When the correct address is highlighted, select it and it will be inserted into the boxes. 


To enter an Order Date different from the present date, enter  (without spaces) the 2-digit month, 2 digit day and 2 or 4 digit year.  You may also select the calendar button and choose the date then OK.


Ordered By is where the name of person who orders the shipment should be typed.

The customer’s PO Number should be entered in the PO Number box below the Order Date.  This is a required field.  You must have a customer PO Number to save the Order Entry.  To verify that the customer PO Number is not already being used for another Order, click on the ^ key.  You can else type anything in the PO Number field like “verbal” or “per John Smith”.

To enter the estimate close date (Est. Close Date) enter (without spaces) the 2 digit month, 2 digit day and 2 or 4 digit year.  You may also select the calendar button and choose the date then OK.

You can type the name of the Sales Representative for this Order or you can select the down arrow button to choose from a list of sales representatives.

Enter the city for the Free on Board location in the FOB box, if that applies.

To enter the Promised Ship Date, enter the 2 digit month, 2 digit day and 2 or 4 digit year.  You may also select the calendar button and choose the date then OK.

Enter method of shipment in the Ship Via box, or click the down arrow button to choose from a list.

To enter the Terms of payment, click the down arrow button and choose from the list.  The options in the drop down list are user-definable.  To create the terms, select Sales/Receivables from the menu bar across the top of the screen then AR Defaults.

If the customer was referred, type it in the Reference box.

To add Line Items, select ADD then you can type in the item code or choose from a list (select either the down arrow key or the binoculars).  If this is an item which is not on the list, you can add it by selecting the plus sign + and filling in the necessary information.  After the new item is entered, Save it then exit.  Now you can enter the item in the OrderLine screen by item code or from the drop down menu.  To edit a line item, highlight it then select EDIT or you can double click on the line item to edit it.  If you need to add a taxable line item, there is a text box to the right of the Sales Tax

To assign commission rates, select the Commission tab and choose the salesperson(s).  The dollar amount of the commission will automatically be calculated after the percent is entered.  The employees’ commission rates can be changed if necessary.  To change the commission rate for a single quote, delete the percentage rate in the box and enter the correct percentage.  To edit the employee’s commission rate for all future quotes, select Payroll from the menu bar across the top of the screen then select Employees.

The Notes tab functions as a post it note.

The Order Number is automatically incremented, starting with a user defined number.  To setup an initial Order Number, go to Sales/Receivables on the menu bar at the top of the screen, select AR Defaults and then the General tab.  The order number will be displayed once you click the Save button.  If you want to create a unique quote number, you can do so by putting the cursor in the gray Order Number box (above the company shipping address) and typing the unique Order number.  You can also enter text characters in the order number field.


Be sure to select the Save button before you exit.


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