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Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 3.1



You can also access the Customers screen by selecting the Customers button on the main switchboard, the button is found on the top row of the buttons on the main Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software screen.

To add a Customer, just begin typing in their information in the spaces provided.

1)       The Customer ID can have numbers or letters.  You have the flexibility to use whatever combination of characters you want for the Customer ID.  A suggestion is to use the Customer’s telephone number as their Customer ID.  The software has the ability to Auto-Increment Customer ID.  If you choose to Auto-Increment Customer ID then Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software will automatically assign a number to each Customer as you enter them into Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software, the option is under Customers – Setup on the menu bar. 

2)       It is not necessary that you enter information in the First Visit, Last Visit, or Visit Count fields for New Customers.  The date of their first Point of Sale transaction will be automatically recorded as their First Visit and Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software will begin counting their visits.  If you want to add a Customer into Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software who is not new to the Retail, you can Right Click in the First Visit box and select the date when the Customer first visited the Retail.  If this information is not of great importance, you may leave it blank and let the software record the information from today’s date forward.

3)       The Address, Telephone numbers and Email fields can be found at the bottom left portion of the screen.  When you enter the Zip Code the City and State fields will automatically show.

4)       User Field1 – User Field 5, User Date 1 & 2: These fields are user-definable, which means that you can label them whatever you want to name them.  For example, if there is additional information you would like to store that is not already on the Customer screen, you may do so in these boxes.  To change the labels for any one of these User Fields, go to Customers on the Menu bar, then choose Setup, the last option is Setup Customer User Defined Fields.  You can modify or delete the labels as well as select Yes or No if you want the box to be Visible.  (if you don’t even want these boxes to show in the Customer Screen, you can select No and they will not appear).

5)       Edit Preferences – If you have setup Customer preferences (as instructed in Chapter 2, Section 2.3 on Page 8) then you can enter each Customer’s personal preferences.

6)       The Series, Retail History and Gift Certificate tabs allow you to view these items for each specific Customer.  In the Retail History screen, select the date and click OK.  In the Series screen, you may keep track of all series sales purchased by that client as well as the quantity left.  You can view a Customer, add Customer information and edit previously entered Customers.

7)       The Accounting tab allows you to extend credit to a particular customer and designate their credit limit.  It also let you see any account balances or histories on accounts.

8)       The Photo tab allows you to keep track of digital client photos by locating them on your computer and saving to their client file.

9)       The Notes tab allows you to keep an unlimited amount of dated notes on the client for future reference.

To view or edit a particular Customer you must recall the Customer record. 

1) You may recall the Customer record by using the previous, next, first, and last arrow buttons located near the bottom of the Customer screen.    These buttons allow you to navigate through your Customer records in the order of selected sort search by located to the left of the navigation buttons.  The order sequence can be by Customer ID, First Name or Last Name.

2) You may also recall a Customer by using the Find A Customer By Customer ID, Last Name or First Name option located in upper left-hand corner of the Customer screen.   To use this option just enter either Customer ID, First Name or Last Name or a combination of the three, then press Enter.  This will initiate a find function and if there is an exact or unique match used for the find a record will appear in the Customer screen.  If there is no exact match, Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software will generate a select list of possible matches or an empty select screen if there are no matches. You do not have to enter a full name for the search, you can put partial names in Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software and the search will find all matches to the partial listing.

You can not delete a Customer that has Point of Sale records, you must delete those invoice records in order to delete the Customer.  You can delete POS invoices from the Point of Sale – General Setup Screen.

Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 3.1

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