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Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 7.9



Almost all the reports in Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software first preview on your screen when generated.  You may not see the complete report on your screen until you maximize your screen.  To maximize your screen select the middle button of the three buttons found on the upper right hand corner of the report.  That button is between the button that looks like a dash, which is the minimize button, and the x button which will actually close the report. 

To print your report select the print report button found on your tool bar.  You will also see options to output your report to notepad, analyze with excel, publish with word and send via email.  You must have Microsoft Excel 97 or later installed on your computer to use the analyze with excel option.  You must have Microsoft 97 word or later installed on your computer to use the publish with word option.  In order to use the send option you must have a MAPI compliant email program installed on your computer like Microsoft outlook or Microsoft exchange.  Just select those options to see what you can do on your computer.  

If you see that your report does not print clearly or does not view fully on your computer, you may need to reset your default printer in your control panel to your report printer.  Since you may have your receipt printer set as your default printer in you printers the preview of your reports will not look as attractive if you had your reporting printer setup as your default printer.  You may have to switch your default printer when you running reports and switch back to your receipt printer when you are running point of sale.  Whenever you do make changes to your printer settings on your computer make sure Retail ADVANTAGE POS Softwareis closed.  Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software recognizes your printers on startup of the program.




 Balance Sheet  

The balance sheet is a report that shows for a specific point in time such as the end of a month or a year or some other dates the financial position or status of the business.  Looking at the Balance Sheet another way, it is a statement of the situation if the business were to immediately go out of business.  If that were to happen all assets would be sold (hopefully at book value) and converted to a pile of cash.  Immediately the size of that pile of cash would be reduced by paying off all creditors eliminating all liabilities.  Any cash left in the pile after this would belong to the owners and would represent their equity or profit in the business.  If, however, the cash pile produced by sale of the assets was not large enough to pay off all liabilities and the owners were then required to come up with money out of their pockets to finish satisfying the creditors the business would have a loss rather than a profit.


Income Statement Report 

The Income statement is a report showing total revenues and expenses by account over a specified period of time such as a week, month, or year.  Revenues are credits (-) and expenses are debits (+) so that if the business makes a profit (revenues exceed expenses) the total earnings is a credit (-).  This total shows on the balance sheet as an earnings amount in an owners’ equity account meaning that the business owes that amount to the owners.  A P&L report can be thought of as a statement for a specific period of time showing how a profit or loss occurred.


Trial Balance Sheet 

The trial balance sheet report will summarize all activity through a certain date.   This type of report originally was designed to make sure that all the credits and debits equaled.  In a double entry accounting software system both debits and credits must equal at all times to be balanced.  Hence the name for the report. 


General Journal Report 

The general journal report will list all journal entries in a date period.  This is a great report for you to review journal entries to make sure you entered correctly or distributed them correctly to the right accounts.  It is also a great review so you can understand why the balance sheet or income statement reports generate certain numbers.


Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 7.9

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Support on Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software available 9 am - 5 pm CST Monday thru Friday Call us at 281-398-3770 Sales toll free at 888-785-0882 or e-mail us at support@aknaf.com

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