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Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 9.3




This is the screen where you setup your employees’ information and payroll information in ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software.  You will notice that there is a row of tabs on the screen that corresponds to some important payroll information. 

The Filing Status tab consists of the information necessary to calculate withholding taxes.  You must fill out these fields in order to process the payroll for the employee.  This data on this tab should correspond to the employee’s answers on his or her W-4 form.  

The Pay Info tab corresponds to the actually pay information for your employee.  One thing on this tab you will notice is that there is no information about Commission Rates.  That information is calculated in the Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software program and not in the Retail BACKOffice.  The Pay Frequency selection indicates how often you pay this employee.  Bi-Weekly pay frequency means that this employee is paid every two weeks while the semi monthly pay frequency indicates that the employee should be paid twice a month. 

The Deductions tab will list all the pre-tax deductions.  Deduction types should be setup in the Payroll Defaults section of the program.  To add a Deduction to the employee, select the Add button and to edit or delete a deduction double click the deduction.  Every deduction will be used at the time of payroll process.


Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software Online Manual Section 9.3

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