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61) ENTER WAGES For Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software



This screen allows you to enter wages for hourly employees, bonus wages and any wages not automatically calculated by the system.  Commissions and Salary wages are automatically calculated by Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software so you will not have to enter them on this screen.  But you can edit Commission Wages from this screen after they have been posted but before they have been paid.   To enter a Wage just select the employee, then select to add a line.  You can select a Wage Type and enter an amount.  These just entered Wages are marked unpaid.  The next time you process payroll for this employee Retail Advantage POS Software and Point of Sale Software will select these Wages to pay and include them in the payroll.  Once the paycheck is printed these Wages are then saved as Paid Wages.   

You can edit wages if they have not been paid, by selecting them from the Enter Wages screen.  You can do that by using the button on the tool bar that looks like a pair of binoculars.


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Support on Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software available 9 am - 5 pm CST Monday thru Friday Call us at 281-398-3770 Sales toll free at 888-785-0882 or e-mail us at support@aknaf.com

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