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The Point of Sale (POS) Software replicates the operation of a cash register but is integrated to the customer database, employee commissions and inventory. retail pos software

  • Replaces the need for a cash register
  • Integrated with Inventory
  • Calculates Commissions & Taxes automatically
  • Cash drawer & Receipt Printer Compatible
  • Cash reconciliation reports/Shift Closeout reports
  • Payout functions and reports
  • Multiple Tender Types
  • Tip Calculations

 This system also works with a cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card processing and bar code reader to make the POS system automated. We carry different models for your hardware needs and include items for the cost conscious. All client history is stored in the database for easy review at any time. You can close out or reconcile your cash drawer at any time and even have multiple shifts and multiple operators per shift. The system even tracks the amount of change tendered.

When you set up your inventory in Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software you can use the standard UPC bar codes on your retail items and read the UPC with the integrated bar code reader. But you can also just manually enter the UPC code or your own coding system. It’s quite easy to set up. At point of sale you can also find inventory items by manufacturer, vendor or category. An example of category is hair spray, when you select hair spray it will show you on the screen all the types of hair spray you have in stock. You can also easily find items by product name.  You can also record tips if you like in the POS system. Multi tender transactions are also supported in Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software, that means you can have a customer use two or more types of payment on one transaction. The system can then print out the transaction on professional looking receipts with either single, duplicate or triplicate receipt paper. The system can also handle multiple POS stations for the busy store.

Networking your computers is easy with windows and Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software. Multi User functionality is built in Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software and can handle an unlimited number of workstations working together. In Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software you can close out shifts or the day with detail reports and payment summaries.

multi tender point of sale software


 Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software supports being able to use multiple payments types on the same point of sale transaction.  A customer can pay with one or more credit cards as well as any other payment types you allow like cash, check or gift certificate.  This pos software program is flexible and makes it easier for you to give great customer support!.

The POS system can even record the sale of gift certificates and keep track of unused gift certificates and track them back to a certain client. We put in touch screen point of sale capability for the high traffic time at check out.

With Retail Advantage POS Software you can extend credit to your customers, and at the point of sale you can make a payment on account or charge to account. Retail Advantage POS Software also allows you to put invoices on hold, as well as print the last receipt

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