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Notice how all the customer information is accessed with the smart tab design in the following screen shot.  You can search for customers from a drop down list or find customer and can find using either phone number, client id, first name, last name or combinations of first name and last name.  When searching by name you do not have to enter the whole name to find the customer you can enter partial first and partial last name and the program will give you a list of matching names.

customer management pos software

Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software allows you to keep an extensive record of customer information in the pos software program. You can store their address, birthdays, user defined fields, and types of referrals. We have also included optional fields that you can set up for keeping more information. Each one of your customers has an extensive POS History. Each gift certificate or gift card that customers purchase is saved in the pos system in the customer’s record. You can find out how many gift certificates a customer has as well as the amount remaining on each gift certificate sold in the pos software.

Built in mailing label reports will help in your marketing to existing customers in Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software. You can even market to your customers based upon Preference settings you have set up in your pos software system. That means you can send a flyer to all your customers that prefer a certain brand.

There are three versions of Retail ADVANTAGE POS Software (Point of Sale Software) Available:

Gold - Customer Management, Point of Sale, Inventory Control, Employee Management, Gift Certificates, Commission Calculations, Time Clock, Waiting List, Series Sales, Messages and Reports  

Platinum - All the features of the Gold version plus General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll 

POS Advantage Platinum - All the features of the Platinum version with multiple location support and consolidation on the cloud 



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