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You can access Point of Sale from the menu bar or from the master menu switchboard.


1)        Enter your unique Operator Password.

2)        Use the Find a Customer By option found on the top of the screen to find a Customer for the transaction. To find a Customer enter the Customer ID, First Name or Last Name or a combination of the three, then press enter.  This will initiate a find and if there is an exact or unique match used for the find the Customer’s name, address and last service will appear.   If there is no exact or unique match, the system will generate a list of possible matches or an empty screen if there are no matches. You do not have to enter a full name for the search, you can put initials or partial names in the system and the search will find all matches to the partial listing.

3)        Finding a Customer is optional, but you will have better Customer history if you do.  If you do not find a Customer the transaction will be recorded under Retail/Spa Guest.

4)        Select an employee who performed the service or who will receive credit for the sale of the inventory item.

5)        Then select the inventory item sold, use the find item field to find the inventory item.

6)        You can also browse inventory by Category, Manufacturer or Vendor by selecting the Item Search button indicated by the binoculars.

7)        You can change the item quantity on any line item by selecting the quantity field.

8)        To delete or refund an item, select the line first then Delete or Refund.

9)        Select the Pay to make a payment and to finish the transaction.  You can split tender any payment, which means that you can have multiple payments per point of sale transaction.  All Check and Credit Card transactions that are paid over the Invoice Total will be considered tip amounts.   Cash payments will be considered Change Due if the amount tendered is greater that the Invoice Total.

10)    Select the Print Receipt button to print the receipt or select the Finish button to finish transaction without printing a receipt.

11)    The function keys, F-2 through F-12, allow you to operate the Point of Sale screen with your keyboard.  For example, instead of clicking the button Disc. Or Coupon with your mouse, you can simply hit the F-2 key on your keyboard.  They correspond with the buttons directly above them.

12)    To put an invoice on hold and help the next customer, click the Put Invoice on Hold button, and to retrieve it, click on the Get Invoice from Hold button.

13)    Should a customer request a receipt after the transaction is complete, you can print one by clicking on the Print Last Receipt button.

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