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Q: Do you offer technical support?
A: Yes, we offer technical support. When you purchase the software, you receive 60 days of free technical support.  After the 60 days, you have the option to purchase technical support on a yearly basis. You are not required to purchase technical support.
Q: Do all of my employees have access to the Point of Sale and register transactions?
A: No, all of your employees do not have access to the point of sale transactions unless you give them permission in the system. The point of sale screen will ask for a password before allowing the user to ring up clients. If an employee does not have a password assigned, then he or she cannot access the point of sale.
Q: Are there security features within the software?
A: Yes there are security features in the Cafe ADVANTAGE software. You can assign permissions to each specific screen and report.
Q: What are the hardware requirements for the basic Cafe ADVANTAGE software?
A: The minimum hardware requirements for the basic Cafe ADVANTAGE software system include: An IBM compatible computer, Intel Pentium processor, 32 MB ram, hard drive, CD Rom drive, and Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows 2000 / Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT
Q: What kind of hardware can I purchase through Aknaf Software?
A: Although you are not required to purchase your hardware through Aknaf, we do offer high quality hardware at low prices. We offer Dell computers, cash drawers, receipt printers, touch screen monitors, and barcode scanners. Network systems and configurations are available as well.
Q: Is it possible to have the software running on more than 1 computer in my store?
A: Yes, you can have Cafe ADVANTAGE running on several computers in your store. The software is designed so that multiple users can use it on multiple workstations.
Q: Does this program calculate commissions or do I have to do it myself?
A: Yes, our program does calculate commissions. There is no need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to calculate your employees’ commissions. The commissions are actually calculated at the Point of Sale.
Q: Can this software keep track of gift certificates?
A: Yes, Cafe ADVANTAGE keeps track of gift certificates that are sold as well as redeemed. Gift certificate numbers and amounts are stored in the client’s record. If the client has forgotten their gift certificate, you can easily look up the gift certificate through the client information screen.
Q: Will clients have the ability to transfer their gift certificates to a family member or a friend?
A: Yes, if a client decides that he or she does not want the gift certificate, you can transfer the gift certificate to someone else. The gift certificate transfer option is on the main menu bar under Clients, or you can access the feature in the client’s actual record. 
Q: What Accounting features are included in Cafe ADVANTAGE?
A:  Point of Sale, Inventory, General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll Modules. Cafe ADVANTAGE incorporates all the features you expect in a Windows accounting package, including departmental reporting, check writer, bank reconciliation, financials, budgets and both accrual and cash accounting reporting.
Q: Can I print payroll checks with this program?
A: Yes, with Cafe ADVANTAGE you can use a laser or dot matrix printer to print payroll checks. You can even use multiple bank accounts if necessary.
Q: Can I pay bills, manage bank accounts and payables with Cafe ADVANTAGE ?
A: Yes, you can pay your bills, manage bank accounts and expenses with Cafe ADVANTAGE.

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