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Journals are ways to segment general ledger transactions.  In essence is a journal is known to be a book.  Before the age of computers book keeping and accounting was all done manually.  Accountants kept different books or journals for different types of accounting needs.  For example a journal was kept for accounts receivable or sales and another book was kept for accounts payable or bills.  Now journals are just ways to easily find a certain transaction.  The internal journals are already setup for you.  All you have to do is setup additional journals that you may use for entering manual general ledger transactions.  An example of a journal you may want to setup is a depreciation journal for your capital investments and equipment.

You do not have to setup any journals if you do not see a need for them. 

To add journals just select the plus icon.  You must enter a journal name to save a journal.  You can always setup up journals later in your implementation.  Journals can also be setup after you have begun your accounting in the software as well.

You cannot delete a journal that is in use in your chart of accounts but you can edit the journal name at any time.  For instance you can change the name of the journal with out losing any data that is in that journal.  That data will be transferred to the new journal name.


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