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The Check Writer program allows you to write checks without entering a bill first.  Remember you can not pay a previously entered bill here.

First select the bank account from which you want to write the check from, then if this is a vendor check select a vendor by vendor id or vendor name.  If this is not a vendor check, have the check next to vendor off, then you can enter a name of the payee on the check itself.  The check number will default to the next check number associated with the bank account selected.  You can change that check number.  You can also change the date associated with the check as well.  You can put in a future date or a past date but you can not enter a date that is prior to the last general ledger close.  Once you enter the amount you will not that the legal or the word interpretation of the amount will be displayed for you on the check.  You can if you wish type a Memo for the check; we highly recommend entering one for your records.  Distribute the check fully to the correct general ledger accounts so that you can save the check.  Once you save the check you can print it.  To enter another check, select the Add New button from the tool bar.   The Add New button is the first button on the tool bar.  To edit or delete checks that been previously saved you must access the check register.


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