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The Payroll Defaults allow you to set up the default settings for the payroll program so it will work the way you want it to.




GL Interface Tab


On this tab you will be able to indicate what types of checks you will use to print your checks on.  You can choose either the two part or three part checks. 


The two-part check is a designed for dot matrix printers that you can track feed the check into.  It consists two sections the check and the stub.  Generally the two parts are given to your employees for payroll reasons.   The two-part check can be ordered with or with out carbon copies attached.  The three part check is a check, stub and voucher.  The check and stub part of the check can be detached and sent to your payee while the voucher part or the third part you can keep for your records.  The three part check can not be ordered with carbon copies and is primarily used for laser type printers.  The three part check with all three parts is in the size of an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper, which is the same size of regular paper.


The Auto Post To GL check mark indicates whether or not you want to automatically post general ledger payroll entries when printing payroll checks.  If you do have this check mark on you must select the General ledger accounts that you want for the FIT (federal income tax payable account), Social Security Payable account and Social Security Expense Account These amounts will be automatically calculated for you at the time you process payroll.


Deductions Tab

On this tab you can enter the different deductions types that your company allows on the payroll.   These deductions are pretax deductions.  So they are deducted before the tax is calculated.

Just select the add button to add a deduction type.  Double click


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