Full Integration !  We made AGENCYWARE the tool where you can have complete control of your business from crm, sales, inventory control, payroll, accounting, order processing and commissions in one place.  All the puzzle pieces put together in one comprehensive application.


Accounts PayablesAccounts Receivable
Check writerBuy-Resell and Agency Sales
Bank ReconciliationOrder Processing
Credit Card expensingPacking / Picking Lists
DepartmentsCredits and Open Credits
Journal EntriesCustomer Statements
Financial ReportingAged Receivables
Payroll ProcessingCRM
W-2 PrintingContact/Lead Management
1099 PrintingSales Territories
Payroll Tax ReportingSales Tax Reporting
Balance SheetEmailing Invoices/Orders/Quotes
Income StatementQuotes
Trial BalanceNotes/Links
Credit Card ExpensingCredit Card Import
Bank TransactionsData Export
Bank TransferBank Import

In AGENCYWARE you can create quotations but also keep track of each quotation and convert them into orders. Each quotation can be tracked for sales forecasting with a percent possibility of close as well as a potential close date.  To complete an Order Entry from a previous Quote, select the Quote button. You can Find By Customer or Find By Quote Number.  After you choose the quote, you will be asked if it should be flagged as Closed, then the information will be entered into the Order screen. The Order Process module allows you to quickly and efficiently process the order to an invoice. The system will generate picking lists, packing slips, order analysis, and purchase orders in an automated manner with the least amount of effort. With AGENCYWARE you can easily find and access contact, lead and account information, status, quotations, appointments, calls, memos, notes, and history. You can find your contacts by any field in the database and filter on as much selection criteria as you want. The user defined status field allows you to track the contact through your sales cycle for easy follow up and analysis. AGENCYWARE will even warn you when you enter duplicate contacts in the system.  Principals are the manufacturers that you represent.  You will be able to track your commission payments from principals. Additionally, you can credit principals for overpayments.  Commissions due from principals are calculated based upon the percentage of agency amount or as a percentage of profit of a certain buy/resell transaction.   Manage the commission dues of your salespeople.  Pay commissions and generate commission reports by either invoice or payment date. You have the ability to split commissions on any one invoice for up to four sales people. With payroll and accounts payable modules, you can also generate payroll checks or 1099 checks from sales representatives’ commission calculations.  Invoice and payment records automatically create financial journal entries.

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