Order Processing

In AGENCYWARE you can create quotations but also convert them into orders when necessary. Each quotation can be tracked for sales forecasting because you can store a percent possibility of close as well as a potential close date!

To complete an Order Entry from a previous Quote, select the Quote button. You can Find By Customer or Find By Quote Number. After you choose the quote, you will be asked if it should be flagged as Closed, converting the quote to order.

The Order Process module allows you to quickly and efficiently process the order to an invoice. The system will generate picking lists, packing slips, order analysis, and purchase orders in an automated manner with the least amount of effort.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable modules include open credits, credits, payment processing.

AGENCYWARE integrates quotation, order entry, and invoicing in one application. Each transaction can either be an Agency Sale or a Buy-Resell transaction. Principals are considered manufacturers that you represent as an agent in which you receive a commission for each sale. These types of transactions are called Agency Sales transactions. Transactions in which you sell products directly to customer and purchase from another party are designated as Buy/Resell transactions in AGENCYWARE. You can mark any invoice, quote or order in AGENCYWARE as either an agency transaction or buy/resell transaction. You can even change the type of transaction later. AGENCYWARE tracks your commission and principal payments as well as any customer receivables. Commissions are calculated for you, and various reports and statements can be generated for your Principals. Sales summary and analysis reports are generated with a click of a mouse with accuracy.