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General Ledger Entry

Cafe Advantage Restaurant Management Software makes it easy to enter entries that are not automatically created by the accounts payable, payroll or point of sale modules.  You can also setup recurring entries as well in Cafe ADVANTAGE Restaurant Management Software!

gl entry salon software and spa software

General Ledger Accounts can be up to 10 characters long and you can setup up to 9999 departments. Department Income statements can also be generated using the Advantage reporting functions. You can journalize your transactions using account number or names, you do not need to be an experienced accountant to use the financial modules in the salon and spa software program.

The chart of accounts is divided into the five main account categories. The categories are Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income and Expense accounts in Cafe ADVANTAGE  Restaurant Management Software. 

Asset Accounts - things of value owned by the business.

Liability Accounts - amounts owed to outsiders.

Owner's Equity Accounts - amounts owed by the business
to its owners (profit). If the business loses money the owners may owe additional money to the business.

Revenue Accounts - Sources of income.

Expense Accounts - Payments necessary to run the business



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