Jan 10, 2015

Advantage Diamond verison is now available.

The newest version of is now available. Advantage Diamond version was designed from the ground up for a multiple location salon or spa business. Diamond is cloud based software that can be remotely accessed from a PC or other devices including tablets. Diamond has two main components the store level component that has the day operational functions including: point of sale appointment book and client management. The other component is an application called back office. The back office application is a centralized administration and report application. Advantage diamond salon and spa software gives you a centralized way to manage inventory, employees, security and clients from a centralized application. You can run reports in aggregate or for a specific location. You can also from the back office application review all the appointments across all locations and even edit and add appointments directly in the back office application. The back office applicaiton fits well for a call center for centralized appointment management. An employee work scheduler component is also included in the back office application that allows you to set and modify service providers work schedule that will affect availability in the appointment book for all locations. Diamond software is running an enterprise class server using SQL server as the back end database. Diamond back office allows you to monitor all locations in real time. Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Diamond software also includes all the accounting capabilities as well including general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, and banking. Being cloud based Diamond software is a SAAS application and is billed monthly starting at only $79 per location.

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