What is new in Advantage salon and spa software by version release number:

Version 19.2  6/16/2016
Option to inactivate services
Option to require operator password login with each invoice
Larger fonts used through out Advantage Screens
Version 19.1  4/25/2016
Punch Card System
Client Kiosk Check In
Employee email and sms appointment list
Expanded edit POS lines capabilities
Loyalty points totals appear on receipts
Enhanced full page size receipt
Reports with list option for on screen display
Hour/day traffic combined report
Employee and Business availability calculations in dashboard and in appointment book
Option to have Rebooking option in POS
Version 19.0  12/30/2015
Cayan Genius EMV card reader integration
Merchantware4 direct credit card processing integration
Referral Reward System
Gift card discounting
Client Connect system with automated email and SMS
Client demographics report
Client ages report
Version 18.1  10/17/2014
Suggestive Selling System
Client Favorites in suggestive selling
Version 18.0  09/7/2014
Screen Auto Maximize option
Enlarged summary numbers on home screen
List in client screen of emails sent
Windows themed buttons
Walkins que option by employee
Security permissions for price changes by user group
Security permissions for discounts by user group
New HTML Email Editor
Email Invoice options at point of sale
Email Invoice options at reprint invoice
Social media badges and links for thank you messages
Send email and SMS messages shortcut in client screen
Option to turn off password screens in company setup
New pos file maintenance screen
Auto Payout option for employee tips
Require POS Operators to be clocked into Timeclock option
Warning message for POS Operators when exiting an invoice that will be voided
Integrated finger print reader for employee password screens
Version 17.6  03/18/13
Automatic Screen Resize Based Upon Monitor Resolution
Version 17.5  01/01/13
Online Booking Synchronization for non cloud users
New Federal Tax Table Updates
Payroll Tax Table Updates
New Icon Bar Images, New Button Images
Version 17.4  6/30/12
Expanded Receipt printer options
Version 17.3  6/13/12
Option to not use client drop down list for faster performance
Version 17.2  05/27/12
Foriegn Country Currency support for reconciliation
Version 17.1  5/01/12
Payroll Tax Only Exemption Status
Version 17.0  4/27/12
Improved Backend Database
Thank you messages
Client Birthday Emails
Version 16.9  6/10/11
Keyboard Touch Screen Button
Menu Buttons Enlarged For TouchScreen
Employee Email Address
Version 16.8  5/31/11
Vendor Email Address
Version 16.7  1/29/11
Ability to click on day in week view, or employee in day view quick links
Version 16.6  1/29/11
State ID Number Added
Enhancements To W-2, 1099
Version 16.5  1/01/11
New Federal Tax Tables
New Payroll Tax Calculations for Social Security Tax
Version 16.4  10/01/10
Merchant Paylink Credit Card Processing
Screen enhancements
Version 16.3  7/01/10
SSL email connections
Item detail sales report
Service detail sales report
Merge duplicate inventory items
Employee Messages
Version 16.2 - 2/20/10
SMS appointment reminders
Client Membership Types with automated discounts
Appointments can be setup in increments of 10,15, 20,30 minutes
Loyalty points use with loyalty point payment type in point of sale
Version 16.1 - 12/15/09
Marketing menu that groups marketing tasks on one menu
Appointment blocking without borders makes reading appointments easier
Left align employee names and titles in appointment book
Version 16.0 - 9/12/09
Option to use login name and password for broadcast email
Menu options on left side menu system enlarged for easier use
Version 15.9 - 6/01/09
Enchancements in the scroll functions in appointment book week view and day view
Ability to pick from 1, 5, 10 or 20 columns to show in appointment book day view

Version 15.8 - 2/05/09

Client For saved in Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
Gift Certificate/Card List Enhancements for searching
Cancel and No Show reports for appointment book
Company Dashboard enhancements for comparison MTD and YTD sales figures
Find an appointment to pay for shortcut in point of sale
Series list enhancements
Pay appointment with series shortcut added in appointment book
POS Summary Report
Reprint Gift Certificate
Edit Point of Sale Invoice Capability
Monthly Billing for Services option

Version 15.7 - 12/22/08

Suta and Futa Payroll Report
Suta setup and automatic calculation in Payroll

Version 15.6 - 12/17/08

Futa setup and automatic calculation in Payroll

Version 15.5 - 11/15/08

Credit Card expense and payment capabilities in Accounts Payable Module
Pay Bill with Credit Card in Accounts Payable
Walk ins Integrated with Appointment Book
POS Profit Report

Version 15.4 - 10/29/08

Ability to indicate an appointment was a requested appointment - will warn you if you try to move

Version 15.3 - 8/25/08

Capability to inactivate payments types
multiple merchant account support if you use pc charge
Work Schedule enhancements - easier to edit work schedule

Version 15.2 - 7/14/08

Receiving a purchase order automatically updates purchase orders
Refund Report
Sales by Zip code Report

Version 15.1 - 4/11/08

Keeps track of Invoice number in appointment book when paid in Point of Sale
Batch Entry of Gift Card Screen
New Gift Card List View To Easily Review Issued Gift Cards

Version 15.0 - 04/01/08

Invoice Detail Report and Pay Out Reports can be run external of reconciliation
Manager View Screen give summary and quick glance of daily information
Employee Sales Analysis Report
Open Till Automatic When Starting New Shift In Point of Sale 
Keeps track of all voids and deletes of Point of Sale Invoices, Voided Invoice Report
Minimum Commission (alternate way to calculate commission for discounted or promo services)
Cash Drops (ability to put cash in point of sale cash drawer for change)

Version 14.9 - 01/16/08

Actual Checks and Actual Credit Cards added to reconciliation
New summary report for reconciliation
Inventory under minimum added to main screen summary
Network installs optimized for faster operations

Version 14.8 - 01/01/08

Back Bar Items added to Inventory Adjustment reports
Back Bar Items used report
Back bar item adjustment type
New Series setup screen
Company Dashboard (quick view of company vital statistics)

Version 14.7 - 11/21/07

Keeps track of serial numbers for installation purposes
More flexibility added for multiple printers on same computer and added support for USB Receipt printers

Version 14.6 - 10/09/07

Added Additional features for PC Charge Integration
Integration of Merchant Warehouse Credit Card Processing
Post Authorization Tip For Credit Card Processing

Pause Between Credit Card Slips

Version 14.5 - 08/14/07

Series tied into commissions

Series commissions added to payroll report

Version 14.4 - 07/24/07

International features with sales tax and zip code labels

Version 14.2  - 07/16/07

1099 Employee Checks

Version 14.1  - 06/20/07

Auto complete search capabilities for clients
Tanning equipment tracking
Keeps track of check in time, check out time and service time in appointment book
Room scheduling added for services

Version 14.0  - 04/26/07

Series expiration date
Individually select inventory items that are not commissionable

Version 13.9  - 02/25/07

Allow data change on pos invoices option
Pole display support
New Inventory List View
New Client list view
New Reorder point system in inventory

Formula List view of all formulas

Version 13.8  - 02/15/2007

New W-2 report
Currency options for international users

Version 13.7  - 01/27/07

New Color Scheme and Icons
Client Referral Tracking and Reports
Walk-Ins Report
Employee Notes
Potential Employee Database
Keeps Track of Inventory Adjustments

Version 13.6  - 01/15/2007

Categories for Services

Version 13.5  - 12/05/2006

Broadcast Email
Email reminders for appointments
New Layout for client screen
Reprint Invoice option
Discount totals on point of sale invoices
Walk In list integration with point of sale

Version 13.0  - 04/01/06

New calendar view in appointment book
Quick Cash Payment in Point of Sale
POS buttons aligned for easier use

Version 12.9  - 02/01/06

Point of Sale Analysis Reports (day of week, hour of the day, top client reports)
Point of sale reconciliation screen enhanced to remember beginning bank
Tips distribution report
Series Sales Reports
Screen customization capability for client screen
Enhanced sales tax report
automatic posting to checking accounts during general ledger postings
Client loyalty points reports (2)
Appointment book and POS can be open at the same time
Appointment book expanded to show up to 8 hours at a time

Version 12.8  - 12/01/05

Professional Pricing

Version 12.7  - 9/01/05

Inventory Enhancement with on the fly additions of vendors, categories and manufacturers
Client Loyalty program

Version 12.6  - 06/01/05

Capability to customize client screen with hiding certain information tabs

Version 12.5  - 03/01/05

Discount taken included in sales summary by register report
Quick view of current employee sales
Receipts can print to specific printer or default printer
Enhanced Point of Sale to General Ledger posting
Inventory reports available to print in landscape

Version 12.4  - 02/15/05

Automatic printing of at home instructions of services

Version 12.3  - 02/01/05

View Only Mode In Appointment book for employees
Receipt printing set up change 
Exempt withholding status in payroll
Enhanced graphics in accounting screens for easier use
Payroll YTD recalculation method
Epson interfaced cash drawer support
Enhanced POS to GL posting report
Left sided scroll bar in Appointment book
Appointment book day view and week view cells left justified

Version 12.2  - 12/7/04

Gift Certificate automatic print out feature at Point of Sale
Main menu sales information enhanced
Receipt Footers enhanced

Insert Extra form for receipts on receipt printers that do not form feed correctly

Getting Started Menu - easy to use menu to help you get all your information setup in Advantage 
Client Messages - pop up messages for clients in appointment book
New client point of sale report and mailing labels for services for re-booking

Version 12 - Released 9/1/04

Action List in Appointment Book
Service Name as well as Client Name appear in appointment day view and week view
Standing Appointment List- an easy way to see client standing appointments
Easy way to Block Lunch in Appointment book
Screen Print Feature In Appointment Book

Version 11.4 - Released 8/1/04

Booth renter automatic charging system with account balance record keeping
Appointment book log
Bigger buttons and touch screen point of sale mode
Paid outs GL interface

Version 11.3 - Released 6/1/04

Client massage tab, allows you to keep extensive client massage information

Version 11.2 - Released 5/13/04

Charge to Account
Client Account Balance
Credit Limit
State Tax Table Enhancements
Accounts Receivable Reports
Function keys enhanced in Point of Sale
Setup Employee Schedule
Find a client by phone number         

Version 11 - Released 1/9/04

Client Photos
Service Package Enhancements
Increased Permission Groups - new additional permission groups for security
Enhanced login - easier login and changing of users
Function Keys in Point of Sale for quicker checkout
Put invoice on hold function   

Version 10.1 - Released 6/27/03

Gift Certificate Comments
Employee Title - and sorting appointment book by title
New and improved color scheme in appointment book
Back Bar Items - Automatically decrement inventory when specific services are performed

Version 10 - Released 5/27/03

Series Sales
Client Notes
Client Messages - pop up messages for clients in point of sale
Client Screen Enhanced for easier viewing