April 2, 2015

Finger Printer reader integrated with Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software

In versions 18.0 and higher a finger print reader can be used in password screens as well as the employee time clock.

The finger printer reader can be purchased directly from Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software for $185.00 which includes shipping and handling via UPS to anywhere in the USA. The Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software finger print reader plugs in conveniantly into a pc usb port and can work on any PC that is using Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system either 32 bit or 64 bit. This reader works on both versions of Advantage , windows or cloud. The user instead of entering their password would just touch the finger print readers with their right index finger. The employees finger print is captured or recaptured within the employee add/modify screeen. Finger print recongnition can also be used in the emplyoee time clock screen. The added benefit of using this reader is faster logins as well as eliminating false employee time clock entries in the salon or spa by fellow employees or technicians.

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