April 10, 2015

Providing brochures to your salon or spa clients

Brochures are excellent tools for either promotional or informative tasks for your salon or spa. The design process of your brochure design and printing should be carried out with care. Your brochure should describe all the services and products that your salon or spa offers, but try to limit the size of your brochure to avoid the extra cost for printing. Also in your brochure describe your referral reward system as well as your loyalty point system. Make sure to include beautiful images of your salon or spa in your brochure as well.

After printing here are some great ways to get your brochure distributed to your clients and potential clients.

1) You can send it out to customers who ask for it as well as place them in your lobby or in front of your salon or spa and let anyone who comes in take one. Place your brochure at the point of sale register as well so clients can pick it up on their way out. Place the brochure in the clients bag if they purchase product as well.

2) Mail your brochure to your complete database of clients in your Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software system. The software can print client addresses on standard mailing labels that are easily placed on your brochure.

3) When sending out your brochures include special offer coupons in it. This way the recipient would be encouraged to try out your services. Also, when you get referrals to a potential client include in the brochure a note mentioning who referred them to you.

4) You can create a downloadable version of your brochure and offer it on your website. With the benefits that online marketing offers to business today, you can encourage a lot of prospects to visit your salon or spa. You can then also email your brochure as an attachment in the Advantage Salon and Spa Software marketing wizard to all your clients.

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