April 10, 2015

The Two Magic Words

The big secret of dealing with clients is often overlooked or forgotten. It's simply saying "thank you" consistently, personally and, above all, sincerely. These two words work marketing magic because clients want to feel important.

Thank You Promotes Referrals

First you must provide a valuable service for clients. But perhaps you can make an even bigger difference in their minds by your continued interest after you've delivered the service in your salon or spa.

Each client has a different level of satisfaction with your salon or spa products and services. However, all clients to whom you say "thank you" are satisfied that they're important to you. This can determine whether you'll continue a relationship with them and get referrals.

Thank You as E-mail

The thank-you letter or e-mail to your clients is targeted (you know them, they know you), personal and effective. It's guaranteed to receive a positive response.

Furthermore, it's a pleasant surprise if it's snail mail. They see your envelope. They think, this must be something for me to review, to sign, or worse a bill. Surprise! They're appreciated; they're important. And you're the one telling them so.

Write a thank-you letter or e-mail at every opportunity. But don't send one with an invoice or other correspondence. Always send it separately.

Thank you emails can be automatically sent in Advantage salon and spa software every time a client checks out of the point of sale program. The thank you email can include links to your web site and social media profiles. One added benefit is if you put in the return phone number or email to be a direct number or email to the owner or manager of your salon or spa this will circumvent any problems or complaints and can be handled with the highest authority in your salon or spa business before the disgruntled client turns to social media or review sites to voice their concerns!

Writing the Thank-You Letter or E-mail for your salon or spa

The thought behind a thank-you letter or e-mail may seem simple, but writing one can be tricky. Here are some tips for writing a winning thank-you letter or e-mail:

1. Keep it brief :A half dozen lines (or fewer) are sufficient.

2. Make it sincere:. This is crucial. If you aren't careful, it can sound awkward, even when you're trying to be sincere.

3. Start with "thank you." Thank you for ...

4. Make the tone warm, but professional. Be friendly, but keep it businesslike.

5. Reinforce a positive. Jog their memory of a positive aspect of the relationship.

6. Offer your continued support. If I can help, please call ...

7. End with "thank you." : Thanks again for visting our salon ...

8. Use an appropriate closing: Sincerely, Best regards.

9. No ulterior motive: Make it a pure "thank you," otherwise sincerity is jeopardized.

Remember: Saying "thank you" is part of building strong client relationships over time. Use these two magic words consistently and watch your repeat business and referrals grow.

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