April 9, 2015

Five tips towards great customer service

Return phone calls, emails and other communications promptly with courtesy: Always let your client end the phone conversation. Let the client hang up the phone first before ending your call. Add a signature greeting in your emails with a saying that is special to you, this will lend a familiarity and help build your brand.

Create a comfortable environment: Clients like to feel special, valued and trusted. Always remember to greet first-time customers with a smile, make eye contact and ask their name. Use their first name every time your client comes in. Offer a beverage to your clients who are waiting for their service.

Listen to your clients: Try to connect with your clients on a personal level. When clients come to you, you are providing them an experience, not just a cut and color. They are looking for a brief escape from their busy lives where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Build trust by letting the client talk to you about their lives, their kids and their work. Do not talk about your personal life. This is time for your client to feel important and understood.

Go the extra mile: Clients notice when you take the extra step to do the small things not required of you in a service. Small things like a scalp massage while giving a shampoo, or that small discount you gave on your service or retail items. These things will not go unnoticed by your customers, and it can increase your clientele dramatically by referrals, good reviews online and word of mouth

Provide styling tips: As a stylist, show your clients how they can achieve the same look at home that you provided for them. Recommend the necessary products for your clients and show them how to achieve that look using those products or styling tools. Your client will not only be grateful for your advice, but listen to your recommendations for products, which can improve the sale of your retail items.

Use the customer relationship tools in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software to better connect with your clients including loyalty point system and email newsletters.

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