Advantage Software keeps track of every no show and cancellations in the apppointment book!

In Advantage Salon and Spa Software tracks every no show and appointment cancellation that a client has. When adding a new appointment in Advantage Software the clients total of no shows and total number of cancellations appear.

No show in Salon and Spa Software

This information may discourage you from taking a new appointment from the client or will help you to inform this history to your client and explain more in detail about your no show and cancellation policy!. There is also 4 reports for no shows and cancellations, one report also groups no shows by employee / technician so you examine more detail about any trends with no shows or cancellations in your salon or spa business.

Advantage Salon and Spa Software has many other efficiency tools in the software because we listened to our users and implemented these enhancements over time.

No show report in Salon and Spa Software

Advantage also has a way that you can charge the no show fee to the clients account so that the next time they come into your salon the will have an amount do appear on their account in both the client screen and the point of sale screen!

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