Edit Schedule Appointment

You can edit appointments in the day or week view of the appointment book by right clicking your mouse in the ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software.  The program also tracks resources like massage tables, rooms, and manicure chairs.   

edit schedule appointment salon software and spa software

  • Find an existing client here or add a new client
  • Schedule multiple appointments for one client
  • Edit service times if necessary
  • Make the appointment standing
  • Reserve Resources (massage tables, rooms, and manicure chairs)
  • Confirm appointment
  • Area for comments

Organize your Front Desk with Precise Appointment Scheduling

With ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa software you can breathe easy knowing that everyday scheduling errors are eliminated.  To insure that an employee doesn't get scheduled for a service that they don't provide, Advantage will only allow you to schedule the services that you have selected for that particular employee.

Advantage allows you to book appointments and book resources simultaneously.  Also, Advantage eliminates the possibility of double booking resources like massage tables, facial rooms, and manicure chairs by removing the already booked resource from the list of available resources.  That particular resource will not appear as available again until the appointment booked for it is complete.

When scheduling an appointment you may edit the total length of time necessary to perform the service, this is beneficial for clients with very short or very long hair for example.  Our system also allows you to note the interval time for additional booking availability, which means that while your clients perm or color is processing it designates that time as open in the appointment book so you can do a men's hair cut for example.

Confirming appointments is easy. The appointment gives you the clients phone number at a glance and an area to note that it was confirmed.  You can also send bulk email reminders for appointments, just select the day of the appointment and the software will send emails to everyone who has an appointment.  Copying or moving appointments is just a click away.  


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