How to market your salon or spa.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marketing ideas to expand your brand

How to market your salon or spa

Online presence

Building an attractive and inviting website should be the main building block of your salon or spa marketing. A website that is SEO optimized for local search should be handled by a professional website developer. Having clients who are looking for your services online find you is a must for a salon or spa. Link all your social media efforts to your website and keep revising your website as your salon business grows and changes. Make sure to include your full address and phone number on every page of your website, this will increase the chance for someone local to your salon finding your website!

Social Media

Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook , Youtube and Twitter offer simple and very cost effective options for generating brand awareness, building followers and maintaining relationships with clients and potential clients. Social media tools keep your target audience up to date about new happenings at your salon, new services, products and special events. Consider giving a free service drawing every month for existing followers to help you push your salons exposure on social media websites. Just remember social media can easily take a lot of time away from your business, make sure to budget your time according, and do not spend more than 20 minutes a day on social media. Post regularly and often to engage continuously with your clients!

Existing Clients

Hair salons should not overlook opportunities to advertise to existing clients through email newsletters or traditional mailers. Staying in close contact with existing customers and offering them specials and information about new products and personalized tips salons can strengthen relationships and encourage repeat sales. Email your clients with their permission about once every week. Use a significant referral reward system to draft your existing customers to become your best sales representatives. Always remember that your existing customers are your best customers. Design a membership program for your customers where they get a discount for spa services. Implement a rebooking and pre-booking system for your clients by training your front desk staff in those areas.


Talk to your clients and find out what are their interests and concerns then engage with them on those interests. If you have a popular school sports team consider sponsorships or specials geared to that team’s participation. Partner with a nearby clothing boutique and put on a free runway show by inviting all your clients and friends.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising avenues still have relevance even if social media is very popular. For hair salons, in particular radio stations can target local audiences that are likely to be interested in your services, while being very cost effective. A grand opening postcard to your zip code with a big offer can bring a splash of awareness as well as new clients. A mix of advertising represents the best chance to generate awareness and exposure for what your salon or spa has to offer.

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