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  • Integrated with Point of Sale
  • Tracks cost and price
  • Maintains min & max amounts
  • Supports manufacturers and vendors
  • Reorder reports, physical count sheets & prints bar code labels


Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software allows you to keep track of all your inventory, and keeps convenient month to date and year to date sales totals for your retail items. Set up your inventory items by Category, Vendor or Manufacturer. When inventory is sold, the system decrements it from the inventory database after every transaction automatically.

Do your stylists receive a commission on each inventory item they sell?   Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software keeps a record of all inventory sold and which employee sold it. If you need to occasionally reconcile for inventory shortages or take a physical count of inventory, Advantage provides you with a Physical Count Report by Category, Vendor or Manufacturer. With the physical count sheet, you can check whether the actual inventory matches the numbers tracked through the system.

Reordering inventory is easy with the Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software System. You can set up desired minimum and maximum levels for each product and you may change those numbers at any time. When you are ready to order, just print out inventory reorder reports by Vendor. These reports will show you, by Vendor, how much of each product is currently in stock, the minimum quantity you would like to have in stock and the maximum desirable number of each product. The report makes it easy for you to decide which items you need to reorder. And it also calculates the amount of the order for you.

Updating your inventory is easy to do, simply receive inventory using the same barcode reader you use for Point of Sale. All you have to do is scan the inventory item then enter the quantity received. When adding to inventory, you can also update the cost of each inventory item; it is calculated on average cost automatically for you.

You can also use the bar codes or UPC codes that are already printed on your retail items by the manufacturer.  Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software can also print pricing only labels without the bar code to save space on your smaller retail items!

The inventory program in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software is integrated with point of sale and purchase orders.  So when you sell an inventory item it automatically decrements that item in the inventory database! When you receive an item it will automatically increment that item you have on hand in inventory and recalculate your latest and average cost for you.  You can also use the same bar code reader to sell and receive inventory into your computer!


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