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Built in expense tracking in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software bill paying, check writer and bank reconciliation gives you more control on your expenses and increases profits!  The system can manage multiple bank accounts and print on 2 part or 3 part checks.  Also the accounts payable checks and payroll checks are the same format and can be purchased directly from your bank.

Integrated accounting modules will make your operations more efficient. This integrated solution is a complete answer to your needs because your front desk needs like appointment book, cash register functions and client management is integrated with inventory control, payroll, accounts payable and financials! Therefore you save time and money by not having to double enter information into two different systems. For instance all the commission that is automatically calculated for your employees when you ring up sales in our point of sale program will post over to the payroll program.  Also all your sales information will post over to your financial reports including balance sheet and income statements!  


You can print payroll and vendor checks in ADVANTAGE Salon and Spa Software.  These 3 part checks include the check, stub and voucher.  You give your vendors the check and the stub and keep the voucher for your own records.  The stub and voucher (parts 2-3) will include information like which invoices the check paid, vendor and check date. 



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