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The Company Dashboard screen in Advantage Salon and Spa Software shows owners and managers a complete overview of the health and progression of a salon’s or spa’s activities. The dashboard keeps track of a salon’s total sales, client retention, bills and services scheduled by giving a general overview of month to date and year to date sales, as well as comparison column from the last year’s sales. Owners can also view their bank balances, and accounts payable for their salon or spa. Because of the nature of information in this screen, supervisors can use the Assign Security Permissions screen to block other users from accessing the Company Dashboard.

At the top of the Company Dashboard page is a large grid that gives a breakdown of your sales. These sales are listed as categories that are broken down into rows to the left of the screen. The categories are Total Transactions, Services Amount, Services Count, Retail, Retail Count, Gift Sold, Series Sold, Booth Renter Fees, Number of Invoices, Gift Redeemed and Series Redeemed. Each of these categories will be broken down by the columns at the top. These columns are: Today, Month to Date, MTD (Month to Date) Last Year, MTD % Change, Year To Date, YTD (Year to Date) last Year and YTD % Change. Each column will have numbers in them, and these are the dollar amount sales numbers that represent the total amount for those categories based on the column at the top. For example, if your service amount for the day was $556.00, then the first column next to your Services Amount row would say 550.00. The next column is Month to Date sales, which adds your current 550.00 sales to your total sales amount for that month. Right next to that is the MTD Last Year, which allows you to compare your sales amount from this year’s monthly amount, to last year’s amount for the same month. You can then see the MTD% change in the next column, and will be able to see your Year to Date Services Amount in the next column, which adds up all your services from that year up until now. You can also compare your current years’ service amount totals to the YTD last year. If there is any change, you will see the percentage change amount in the last column, YTD % Change. You can use this overview for any of the categories shown on the rows to your left.

Below this grid in the Company Dashboard is a smaller grid that keeps track of your new and returning clients. The two columns on the top are labeled New Clients and Returning Clients, and they are broken up by three rows for Today, Month to Date and Year to Date. This way you can see how many clients you had that day, how many new clients that month to date, and how many new clients you have had so far that year. You can also view the same information for returning clients.

Further to the right is a small column labeled Services Scheduled. This column will show a count of services scheduled for that day in the appointment book in Advantage Salon and Spa Software, and also for the next 7, 30, 60 and 90 days. This will give you a general idea of how busy you will be in the upcoming days and months.

At the bottom of the Company Dashboard screen is a box to keep track of any outstanding or upcoming bills you may have. You can see the total dollar amount of bills due, an amount for any past due bills, and then two columns for bills Due In 1-15 Days and bills Due In 16+ Days. Basic details of the bills are listed by the Due Date, the Amount Due, the Vendor Name and Invoice Number. You can drill down (double click with mouse) a bill and the bill details will appear in the add/modify bill screen from accounts payable section of Advantage Salon and Spa Software.

The last box on the bottom right of the screen is to view your bank account balances. Your bank names will be listed in the first column, followed by the bank account numbers, and then the bank account balances. If need a more detailed view of your bank account information, you can drill down on a bank account and the bank register will appear with all the banking activity.


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