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employee analysis screen salon and spa software

  • Employee Time clock
  • Tracks employee commissions on services and inventory
  • Security and password system
  • Report for payroll, sales and time clock
  • Booth Renter Tracking
  • Ability to assign and edit services by employee

In Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software you have flexibility in setting up the services that your employees perform. Within the employee management module of the system, each employee can have different pricing and commission on services. You can indicate what services each specific employee can perform and have variable time lengths for each service for scheduling purposes. You can also specify which days of the week each employee is available and whether they should be included in the appointment book.

When setting up your employees in the system, you can assign them to different user groups and they can have passwords which allow them to log on to the system. With these user groups you can allow your stylists and receptionists to access only the particular modules you assign through Security Permissions.

employee timeclock in salon and spa software

Also included in the Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software program is the capability to track booth renter charges and payments!

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