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Advantage Hair Salon Software and Spa Software is used by thousands around the world.   SINCE 1998!!! A complete touchscreen system to manage your business to increased profits with powerful features including appointment book, online booking, point of sale, client management, inventory control, payroll, credit card processing, gift cards, accounts payable, marketing with full financial accounting. Call us toll free at 1-888-785-0882 International clients please call us at 281-398-3770!

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Complete Salon Software Systems Complete POS System includes computer and salon software from only $1,395.00

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Integrated Credit Card Processing makes transactions fast and safe in Advantage Salon Software!

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 Integrated Systems in Salon Software

ADVANTAGE Software is the only complete salon software application that will help you run your salon or spa to increased profits with powerful features appointment book , salon client management , inventory , salon marketing software and salon accounting software. This integrated solution is a complete answer to your needs because your front desk needs like appointment book, cash register functions and client management is integrated with inventory control, payroll, accounts payable and financials! Therefore you save time and money by not having to double enter information into two different systems. For instance all the commission that is automatically calculated for your employees will post over to the payroll program. Also all your sales information will post over to your financial reports including balance sheet and income statements! ADVANTAGE is the answer to your computer requirements!

 Automation in Advantage Salon Software

Automating your appointment book with ADVANTAGE will help you organize your employee schedules, expedite client check in and check out, and generate concise activity reports! Employee commissions are automatically calculated at check out. Client messages automatically pop up when the client checks in or out. Reordering inventory is also automated with built in purchase orders. You can also print work tickets with client history for your employees to know what to charge and give the best customer service possible! Save time and money with ADVANTAGE . Commission calculations, sales reports, client mailings, inventory reordering and financial statements are easy and fast with ADVANTAGE.

 Professional Salon Software

With ADVANTAGE you can breathe easy knowing that everyday scheduling errors are eliminated. To insure that an employee doesn't get scheduled for a service that they don't provide, Advantage will only allow you to schedule the services that you have selected for that particular employee. ADVANTAGE allows you to book appointments and book resources simultaneously. Also, Advantage Salon Software eliminates the possibility of double booking resources like massage tables, facial rooms, and manicure chairs by removing the already booked resource from the list of available resources. That particular resource will not appear as available again until the appointment booked for it is complete. When scheduling an appointment you may edit the total length of time necessary to perform the service, this is beneficial for clients with very short or very long hair for example. Our system also allows you to note the interval time for additional booking availability, which means that while your clients perm or color is processing it designates that time as open in the appointment book so you can do a men's hair cut for example. Confirming appointments is easy. The appointment gives you the clients phone number at a glance and an area to note that it was confirmed. Copying or moving appointments is just a click away. Innovative and easy to use appointment book software features surpass the old paper and pencil appointment book.

 Productivity in Advantage Salon Software

Imagine having to manually block off an employees schedule for a week or month. ADVANTAGE is an investment that will save you hours a week of your time as well as your employees time from having to generate reports, setup schedules, build client cards and analyze sales history. With just clicks of the mouse you will be able to do in ADVANTAGE what you did manually in hours a day! How much is your time worth. ADVANTAGE is not only the tool you need but will help you build your business to more profits and cut down costs. You can easily recognize your cost savings with ADVANTAGE and spend more time building relationships with your clients! Do you have a fast paced front desk? Can you respond quickly to your clients requests ? Are you missing appointments because of scheduling conflicts ? ADVANTAGE does not only organize your appointment book electronically it gives you tools to generate more revenue. With built in features like client history, employee searches, standing appointments, short cuts to copy and move appointments, and confirmation lists ADVANTAGE hair salon software gives you an unbelievable amount of tools for your business. An investment that will pay off every day, ADVANTAGE is a necessary tool that increases profits every time you use it!

 Control Your Inventory in Advantage Salon Software

Reordering inventory is easy with the ADVANTAGE You can set up desired minimum and maximum levels for each product and you may change those numbers at any time. When you are ready to order, just print out inventory reorder reports by Vendor. These reports will show you, by Vendor, how much of each product is currently in stock, the minimum quantity you would like to have in stock and the maximum desirable number of each product. The report makes it easy for you to decide which items you need to reorder. And it also calculates the amount of the order for you. Updating your inventory is easy to do, simply receive inventory using the same barcode reader you use for POS. All you have to do is scan the inventory item then enter the quantity received. When adding to inventory, you can also update the cost of each inventory item; it is calculated on average cost automatically for you. !

 Better Customer Service with Advantage Salon Software

Advantage Hair Salon Software allows you to keep an extensive record of clients information. You can store their address, the particular stylist they continually receive service from, birthdays and types of referrals. We have also included optional fields that you can set up for keeping more information. Each one of your clients has an extensive POS History. So you can see what they purchased at any given time and what type of service was performed by which employee. Each gift certificate that clients purchase is saved in the system in the clients record. You can find out how many gift certificates a client has as well as the amount remaining on each gift certificate. Also Included in the Point of Sale part of the program is the ability to charge to a clients account as well as make payment on account. Each client can be also setup with a credit limit.

 Business Flexibility with Salon Software

Services can also be setup using different time of length, processing time and setup time for the appointment book making it easier to make appointment gaps for other appointments! These service can also be customized per each employee or technician. Many times your employees will have different scheduling and pricing needs. ADVANTAGE Hair Salon Software and Spa Software gives you that much needed flexibility without making the program difficult to learn or use! In Advantage Salon Software you have equal flexibility in setting up services that your employees perform. Each employee can have different pricing and commission on services. You can indicate what services an employee can perform and have variable time lengths for scheduling purposes. Payroll is calculated for you in the system based upon sales rung up in the POS system because each transaction is tracked to the technician. A built in time clock will track payroll for hourly workers as well. Multiple commission calculating methods work best because you will need to be flexible to keep good employee and booth renters at your business! More power for your investment ADVANTAGE Hair Salon Software and Spa Software is the right solution!

 New Profit Centers using Salon Software

If you currently offer gift cards at you business you already know the huge profit center it is for your business. If you do not offer gift cards do not hesitate to order them, the perfect gift for any occasion and a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, gift cards are a built in capability in ADVANTAGE Hair Salon Software . There are service Package options in Advantage Salon Software. Setting up packages allows you to discount services and automate booking. These packages will be available in the Point of Sale Screen (part of the program that works like a cash register) and the appointment book. Quick and easy let ADVANTAGE do the work for you with its advanced features designed specifically for your type of business! Loyalty point system and memberships are core profit systems in Advantage Salon Software!

 Save Money By Using Advantage Salon Software

Integrated credit card processing can save you hundreds of dollars on leasing credit card terminals for your business. You will reduce theft and inventory shrinkage by having all your retail items in ADVANTAGE Hair Salon Software. You can print your own barcode labels of different sizes to a standard report printer without purchasing an expensive bar code printer or expensive labels for that printer. You can also print inventory labels when you receive inventory and receive a purchase order!