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General Ledger Accounts

ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software Management System allows you to view, edit, print, or delete general ledger accounts in this screen.  General Ledger Accounts can be up to 10 characters long and you can setup up to 9999 departments. Department Income statements can also be generated using the ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software reporting functions.

The General Ledger module is a double entry accounting software system that follows generally accepted accounting procedures, GAAP.   The chart of accounts uses account numbers and can be divided up into departments for reporting purposes.  Because the accounting software  modules are integrated with the general ledger, book keeping is much easier. 

The Payroll and Accounts Payable program in ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software Deluxe version automatically posts General Ledger journal entries into your accounting program.  All pos data can be posted in summary to the general ledger when ever you want to for a specific date range.

CASH Basis vs. ACCRUAL Basis

This ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software accounting software system can report on both cash and accrual basis for its accounting reports.  Essentially, you can run either type of report at anytime.  The tax regulations let businesses figure their taxable income on a cash basis, rather than on the accrual basis.  Cash basis accounting can result in the postponing the payment of income tax, although it ordinarily does not reduce the total amount of income tax over a period of years.   Cash basis means that you recognize revenue the time you receive the revenue or the time when you pay the expense.  Accrual basis means that you recognize the expense when you actual receive the bill not when you pay it or recognize the revenue when you bill for your services not when you get paid for them.

Do not hesitate to automate your business today with ADVANTAGE Salon Software.  Your key to success is good business practice and customer relations, both possible with a great program like ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software!


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