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Top Reasons To Choose ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software

1.   Advantage Salon Software is a true Windows program, that was developed using Microsoft development tools.  

2.   Advantage Salon Software is a professionally written program based upon 14 years of user feedback and currently we are at version 20.1, a robust and tried system to manage your salon or spa.

3.   Advantage Salon Software has been installed over 5000 times.

4.   Advantage Salon Software is user friendly with multiple navigational menus. You can start using Advantage Salon Software from the first day you install it.

5.   We ship  Advantage Salon Software via CD with a complete manual. The  first chapter in the manual shows you how to do  your basic setup.  There is an easy to use getting started menu in the software.

6.   Advantage Salon Software includes all the integrated accounting modules for a complete system to manage your bank accounts, finances and payroll.

7.   Advantage Salon Software includes exceptional technical support via toll free phone, internet and email

8.   The main modules are Client Management, Point of Sale, Appointment Book, Inventory Control, Employee Management, Gift Certificates, Commission Calculations, Time Clock, Waiting List, Series Sales, Messages and Reports.

9.   Additional Accounting modules are General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll.  Accounting software that follows GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures) a standard.

10. You will save hours per work week when calculating commissions and tips with Advantage Salon Software and you can also    print concise and professional pay checks from the payroll program.

11. Retain more clients because Advantage Salon Software tracks non returning customers, manage standing appointments, and can generate mailing labels and call lists for repeat sales on services.

12. Easy to generate mailing labels and employee schedules in Advantage Salon Software.  

13. True multi user and network capabilities.  If you need more than one computer at your business you can easily network and share data with all your computers with Advantage Salon Software.


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You can contact a system consultant for ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software by calling in the USA toll free at 1-888-785-0882 or for international callers please call us at 281-398-3770. Or email for for more information at for additional information about salon software and spa software.  When you purchase our salon and spa software you get a license forever, no more monthly payments or additional charges!  We Ship Software On CD Rom with a manual on every purchase!!!! Software can be delivered via an internet download please email us at for details

Aknaf Software Inc. is the developer and distributor of ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software


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Contact Us Toll Free at 1-888-785-0882

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