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Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Support Page 28

28) Employee Set Up in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Management System


This is the screen you will be able to enter all the users and or employees in ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software.  You will find a pull down list at the top of the screen in which you can search for an existing employee by Name or EmployeeID. 

n        You must enter an EmployeeID for every employee.  It can be an alpha numeric ID.  An EmployeeID needs to be a minimum of 4 characters long.

n        Make sure you select a User Group for the employee and enter a Password if you want the employee to have a logon.

n        Make sure you set up the services this Employee can perform.  Select the EDIT SERVICES button.  You will get a screen with two windows: the top pane is labeled – Selected Services, the bottom pane is labeled – Available Services.  The Selected Services pane (top) displays a list of services that the employee can perform.  The Available Services pane (bottom) displays a list of all services provided by your salon/spa.  For each employee, select from the Available Services window, the services he or she provides.  You may highlight more than one service during the selection.  Then click on the Select Service(s) button.  The Selected Services window should show the employee’s services.  You may edit a service’s price, length of time, or, commission for each individual employee at any time.  This gives the capability to provide different pricing for the same service based on the stylist performing the service.

n     Time length is the total time a service will take to perform in the appointment book, while initial time is the amount of time you want to block out for the initial part of an appointment that you want to setup a gap to be able to schedule another appointment within this appointments, while the interval time is the time you want to unblock out for another service to be performed for the service.  For instance, a color type service is 1 hour 45 minutes while the initial time is 45 minutes you setup an interval time of 30 minutes.  Then the remaining 30 minutes are blocked out. 

n        Be sure to select the status as Active for the employees.  You can change the status from Active to Inactive to inactivate this employee screen to exclude them from point of sale and the scheduler.

n        The password entered in the employee setup allows them to logon to ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software.  An additional password is used for the Point of Sale functions.  To setup POS Operators use the Setup Operators option under Point of Sale Setup options.

n        If you want this employee to show up in the appointment book as a service provider, make sure to select Yes for the prompt of Scheduler?

n        If this employee is to be included in the scheduler or appointment book make sure you select the days of the week this person works.  Select yes next to the day or days of the week that they are available to work.

n        The Service commission and the Inventory commission amounts are percentages you want to pay an employee for providing the service or for the sale of an inventory item.  You can also enter an hourly rate for hourly employees.

Make sure to SAVE your changes, once finished.

On the appointment book week view is the block button.  This button allows you to schedule the working hours and lunch breaks for employees for a certain date range.    It is important that you schedule a reasonable time period at a time.  Do not schedule employees working hours for long time periods like a year at a time.  Stick to scheduling a week or a month at a time.  Just select the days the employee works and enter the time range and the optional lunch hour.  Then select the generate button to create the employee work schedule.  If you do not perform this function the employee will have all times available per his employee record.  On the employee screen you can indicate to include this employee in the appointment book or not and actually disable any days for this employee to work.


You can always reset the employee’s schedule by performing this function again and selecting the correct date range in question.



Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Support Page 28

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