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Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Support Page 31

31) Set Up Point of Sale in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Management System


This screen sets the options for the Point of Sale Module.

1)       Select a previously setup register name to name your local computer as the Point Of Sale register.

2)       If you are using a newer receipt printer, you may have a Windows driver installed on your machine if not, the ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software has programmed a way to print receipts without a printer driver for older printers.  A Windows printer driver is installed in the system.  Make sure your printer is setup as the default printer in your windows control panel to print receipts.

3)       Select if you want the POS software to open a cash drawer automatically or not.  If you answer yes the ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software will send a signal to the type of cash drawer you will be using.  Select the type of cash drawer that you have from the list of cash drawers available.   The star interfaced cash drawer means that you have a star receipt printer and the cash drawer you purchased is connected to the receipt printer.  The serial com 1 cash drawer is attached directly to your serial com port 1 (9pin) on your computer while the serial com 2 cash drawer type is attached to your serial com port 2 on your computer. 

4)       Using the multiple operators per shift option allows the system not to request shift close outs every time a new operator logs on to the point of sale.

5)       The Print Detailed End Shift Reconciliation option turned ON will automatically print a detailed report at a shift close out.

You will also notice a button labeled delete invoice.  This option will let you find an invoice number and delete it if necessary.

Setting Up You Point of Sale Hardware Devices

If you purchased additional hardware from Aknaf Software to work with your computer please follow these instructions.

Receipt Printers: Aknaf Software recommends the Star Micronics brand of receipt printer to work with ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software.  The Star Receipt printer comes in several models; the SP212 and SP216 are the most popular and are labeled with a large sp200 label on the printer.  The SP212 is beige while the SP216 is a dark gray or black.  They are a parallel printer type, which means they plug in the parallel port on your computer.  You must have a standard printer cable to attach to the SP212 or SP216.  They require 3-inch wide receipt paper.  This kind of paper can be found at any office supply center or store and comes in single, duplicate or triplicate.

The receipt printer must be your default printer in your windows printer setup.  You can use the Star printer drivers that will be on the original installation CD Rom that you used when you installed  ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software.  We recommend just installing the Generic Text Only printer driver to use with the Star Printers.

Cash Drawers:  The star interfaced cash drawers plug directly into the receipt printer.  These cash drawers have a wire that looks like a telephone wire that plug into the receipt printer.  Serial Cash drawers plug into a 9pin port on the back of your computer.  You will need to copy either draw1.bat ( for a cash drawer that plugs into your com1 port ) or draw2.bat  for com2 port from the installation cd and put that file in the salon folder on your computer.




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