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Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Support Page 66 

66)Paying Bills in Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Management System


When you enter this screen ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software will automatically search all unpaid bills and show them on this screen.  The bills will be in the order of due date with the one due earliest on the first of the list.  You can at that time select the bills you want to pay.  You can also indicate how much of the bill you want to pay.  You can enter an amount less of the amount due.  You cannot enter an amount greater than the amount due.   There is also an option to select all bills that are due.  Once you have selected the bills you want to pay and the bank account you want to pay from you can proceed by printing checks for the bills. 

ADVANTAGE Salon Software and Spa Software gives you the capability of changing the next check number.  We recommend that you look at your checks and see what is the next check number and make sure that is the one that is displayed on the screen.  When you do select the Print Checks button, you will actually be able to see the checks in preview mode as with the other reports.  You can then print the checks.  You will notice that the print button on the left hand side of the tool bar on the top of the report in preview mode.  If for the first few times you are printing checks try printing to plain paper first.  You will be able to reprint if needed at any time.   This method allows you figure out the exact orientation of your paper and make sure you picking the right check format.  You can easily hold the plain paper printout against your checks to make sure the alignment is correct.  

Once you have printed your checks correctly you must select the Accept Checks button for the checks to posted correctly to your check register and credit the bills.  If you decide not to print checks as if you use manually printed checks we also recommend you print them on plain paper so you have a manual record for book keeping purposes.   

As with the payroll program you can use either two or three part checks.  The two part checks include a check and stub and can have a carbon less copy and is best used with a dot matrix printer that can support track feed checks.  The three part check is made of a check, stub and voucher.  You would send the vendor the check and stub while the voucher part, the last part, would be the company’s record.  The 3-part check is used with laser or jet type printers.  It does not support carbon or carbonless copies.  You select the check type in the accounts payable defaults setup screen. 


Advantage Salon Software and Spa Software Support Page 66

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